Buyer Services


With so many market variables, the purchase process can, at times, be a bit overwhelming. We take the time to meet with you several times to go over in detail what the best approach will be to succeed in reaching the goals you set at our first meeting. Throughout the process, communication is they key. You will be kept well informed, all your questions will be answered and any concerns will be promptly addressed.


We strongly advise that you apply for a loan and obtain pre-approval before you find your ideal home. It is a necessary tool, which will give us the best opportunity in negotiating a successful purchase. If you need a recommendation for a trusted and professional lender, we have multiple options for you. They understand our commitment to customer service and can be trusted to work in your best interest.


The Search

We will update you dialy via email or phone with any new listings of homes that match your search criteria. Time is of the essence and we are committed to being available in a timely manner so you have the opportunity to view every home you feel may fit your needs.  Home buying is a family affair and you are more than welcome to bring along family and friends to view the home, as well.


The Offer

Once we have found that ideal home, it’s time to take action and submit your offer to the seller and their agent.  We  go over everything in detail with you so that you feel comfortable and understand all aspects of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  We promise to represent you in a professional manner and design a strategy that has your best interest in mind. In some cases, multiple offer situations may arise due to a property’s popularity among buyers. We have some great tools to help you design a competitive offer and give you the best opportunity to be the one the seller chooses.


We feel strongly that you should have a complete building inspection on any home you enter into a purchase contract on (this includes new construction).  You should accompany the inspector to ask any questions and should receive a written report itemizing any areas of concern. A good inspection should take between 2-3 hours.  If repairs are needed as a result of the inspection, you can request the seller to make them in accordance with the provisions of the contract I negotiate for you with the seller.  You have the ability to select any inspector you choose, however I highly recommend they be licensed by the State of WA as a Structural Pest Inspector (not all companies are licensed and there are no currently enforced licensing requirements for private building inspectors by the State of Washington).  We have multiple inspectors who have served our clients for many years and have always stood behind every inspection.

The Closing Process

A number of critical elements are needed to insure a successful and painless closing take place. From the inspection negotiations to contingency timelines to helping you organize your move, we have one of the most comprehensive and service orientated closing processes in the business. We  will assure your sale is carried out with a focus on detail and unmatched client service. It is our hope that you continue on with your daily duties and rely on us to keep everything together. It’s normal for a purchase to involve some stress for buyers, but we strive to make the entire process as smooth as possible, allowing you to relax and feel assured you are in good hands!