Preparing and Merchandising Your Home

This will prove to be a critical element in the entire process and we have some incredible tools that set us apart from the competition. From customized market statistics & listing preparation services to courtesy interior design/staging consultants. We will customize a plan that fits you.


The Pricing Process

This one process will have the most impact on results…it is important you proceed through the pricing process with intention and care. This is where so many mistakes are made, usually at the expense of the seller. We refuse to let that happen so we aim to give you all the tools to help you make an educated decision on price. Topics include:

Principles of Evaluation

Common Pricing Objections

Obstacles to Proper Pricing

Correlation between pricing and market time as well as list price vs. sale price.



Promotion is more than a sign in the yard & an ad in the paper. We will design a marketing plan just for you. Marketing begins long before a home goes on the market. Making sure that a home is properly presented for sale is the one of the ways to be assured you will receive top dollar in the fastest amount of time.



We deliver on the promise of communication with a variety of services including:

Direct showing feedback

Weekly feedback reports

Weekly on line activity reports

Weekly market data tracking and trends for our specific competition


Negotiating An Offer

Thousands of dollars can be at stake here and we are determined to make sure you receive the highest possible price, given the circumstances. Ever changing market conditions create both opportunities and potential hurdles for sellers. We have strategies for both, with proven approaches that position you to succeed in any market.


The Closing Process

A successful sale involves far more than procuring a buyer and negotiating an offer. A number of critical elements insure a successful and painless sale take place after we receive an offer. From the inspection negotiations to contingency timelines to helping you organize your move, we design a comprehensive and service orientated closing plan for each seller. We will assure your sale is carried out with a focus on detail and unmatched client service.



In Addition . . .

As a seller, you have many choices when determining who to represent you in your sale. Often a seller will make their decision based upon either the brokerage fees involved or the price an agent “promises” they can get for your home. The sale process is complex and requires experience, competence and a solid understanding of the market, something we pride ourselves on as a full service team.


Misguided promises and limited service representation will often lead to a bottom line that falls significantly below initial expectations and can lead to a market time that exceeds the market average. Long market times often lead to significant reductions in selling price as buyers begin to wonder “Why Hasn’t It Sold?” and will often expect significant concessions if they even make an offer at all.


Having a full service broker and an advocate on board for one of the largest financial transactions you may make in your life provides you with the assurance that your needs come first...we wouldn’t have it any other way.