Pre Listing To-Do’s

As we work to get your home ready for market, we need your help on a few quick pre-listing tasks, which are outlined below.

  • Make 2 copies of all keys that will be used to access your home. We will be using one set for broker keybox access and will keep the other set at our office as back up. Also, please set aside any additional keys that are needed for storage access, gates or common area buildings, if applicable.


  • Take a few minutes to list all the great features you love about your home and the area you live in. It’s important we hear from you as to what you think the selling points are so we don’t overlook anything. You’ve lived there and are most qualified to speak about all the attractive things the next owner should be aware of. We’ll combine with our notes and use this information in our marketing materials, where appropriate. A quick email is all we need from you for this task!


  • Documentation regarding any recent repairs or major improvements. It’s important that we are able to provide potential buyers with accurate information regarding any recent major repairs or improvements you or the Homeowner’s Association (if selling a condo or townhome) recently made to the property. If you can simply send us an email summary and attach any receipts, documentation or warranties, we’ll take it from there. If it’s easier to provide us with hard copies from your files and a quick written summary, that will also work. Whatever is easiest for you!


  • Any questions or concerns you may have about the listing process that haven’t been answered yet? If so, please call or email so we can get them answered ASAP. Our goal is to make sure this process goes as smooth as possible for you and there are no surprises!